Traveling to Taos


What a whirlwind the past two weeks have been. Flying solo with young kids alone is no laughing matter–and I am so happy to be home and done with the traveling. If you can imagine, I, with June strapped to my chest, carried an enormous backpack on my back filled with the few valuables I decided to bring, as well as backup clothes for the girls, snacks, coloring books, crayons, two baby dolls, diapers, wipes, water bottles, books, and my laptop. I also had a carry on bag with a portable DVD player and movies to keep the big kid entertained en route to our destination along with my camera and lenses. We were all layered up, because going from our low desert and 70-80 degree weather in California to the high desert of Taos, meant we had had to be prepared. We layered well, and after shedding sweaters in the airport they were tied onto my already overweight backpack. Getting two car seats to our destination was no easy task. A friend lent me her umbrella stroller and showed me how to stack the car seats and bungee chord them to the stroller in order to transport them to the gate to check. We were certainly a site at the airport–and I don’t think I have ever received so many sideways glances, words of encouragement, or all around attention. Oh, and there was the exactly 50 pounds of clothes in an ugly purple rolling duffle that we thankfully deposited promptly upon arriving at the airport.

Whew. I am happy that is all over. Here are a few pictures from our first week out there. Lots of snow, far too much sugar, and lots of FaceTime with daddy.




giant cream puffs


taos new mexico mountains

5 thoughts on “Traveling to Taos

  1. Ashley Pond

    I NEVER get tired of the beautiful images of the Southwest that you share!! Congratulations for making it through this travel challenge! It looks like it was totally worth it.

  2. Stefanie

    Cedar, you are one strong and brave mama to travel with your young daughters. What a workout your trek was at the airport. What an intriguing place your hometown is. I have never been to New Mexico before. These photos of your trip home are lovely. Oh boy do those cream puffs look divine.

    1. misscedar Post author

      Thank you Stefanie! I actually am not from here, my mom moved out about five years ago, and my sister followed a year or two later. It really is an intriguing and beautiful area!


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