Thanksgiving in Taos

thanksgiving dinner in taos

While I was solo parenting for the majority of our vacation, we were fortunate enough to be able to have daddy fly out and join us a few days before and after the holiday. What a treat! He came in during the night, and snuck into bed beside us. The girls were so happy when they woke Wednesday morning–what a surprise!

This was my first year cooking an entire Thanksgiving meal (other than the bird, my mom was in charge of turkey). I started the Monday before and did one or two dishes a day. It all came together so well, with no stress at all (though the wine may have played a part in that as well). I’m not sure if I have ever felt so proud of a meal I put together.

We made a gratitude tree in the days leading up to Thanksgiving and filled it with things we feel thankful for. Lucy’s leafs took up about 75% of the tree. It was such a treat to read through them all.

Mid meal it started hailing, which left us with the ultimate treat–a rainbow!

I hope you and yours had a happy holiday as well.

making gravy

thanksgiving tree

thanksgiving dinner in taos

mashed potatoes

hail in taos

hail in taos

thanksgiving dinner

rainbow in taos


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