Picknicking in Julian

picnic in the mountains

These past few weeks have been a doozy. Very little sleep has been happening around here, which then leads to very grouchy days. I try my best to be chipper, but the amount of grump coming out of myself has been overwhelming. Last week when a dear friend suggested an all day mountain excursion all I could think was yes, yes, yes, YES. So we did it.

We spent a beautiful day in the mountain town of Julian. We picnicked. We wandered around town, popping into shops that caught our eye. We stopped for coffee. We wandered over to a small park for the kids to run around. We stopped for pie on our way back out of town. It was the most perfect of days, and one that really helped clear my mind.


moms pie shop julian california


2 thoughts on “Picknicking in Julian

  1. Ashley P

    Oh man, as a grumpy mama of two tiny ones, housebound in the thigh-high snow of New Hampshire, your outing looks like pure bliss!

  2. Kepanie

    I’m a bit envious of how you and other bloggers are chronicalling motherhood. I discovered blogging later. I feel I was frazzled from fatigue half the time and didn’t get to enjoy the here and now as much. I’m glad you are recharged from this sunny excursion with a bosom friend and happy kids.


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