Newsflash: It Has Finally Cooled off in California


The days are getting shorter and our cool weather has finally arrived. I have seen memes on facebook joking about us California folks in 60-70 degree weather dressed in full winter gear–and to be completely honest it is true. I have pulled out my slippers, the sweaters have had a wash to refresh them and are now in regular rotation, soup is bubbling on the stove most nights of the week, and I have finally picked up the knitting needles again. My mind and body feel at ease once again.

Maybe it isn’t the fall of my dreams, the leaves are still green, we still have occasional 80 degree days, and most days we are still dressed in tank tops and flip flops (groan, bring on the layers!)….but I am taking what we have and rejoicing. I love the cold, err, cool weather.

The cooler weather has me back in the kitchen. Keeping the oven going for a few hours a day when the rain is coming down and the wind is blowing is so comforting. Many hours were spent this past weekend roasting pumpkins. More hours than I planned on, but nearly 3 gallons of pumpkin puree is now resting in my freezer–and I am feeling pretty excited about that.

I also made the most delicious batch of scones I have ever had from the book Einkorn: Recipes for Nature’s Original Wheat. In this ongoing quest to better our food choices, I have seen a lot about einkorn, the ancient wheat, and have wanted to learn more. I really did not need another bread book in my collection, but this one is already looking promising. The scones were possibly the best I have ever tasted, and I look forward to getting started making on the sourdough recipes from this beautifully composed book.

I hope you are all celebrating this beautiful season, whether you are in flip flops or wool. <3




(Einkorn was provided to me for an honest review from Blogging for Books).

2 thoughts on “Newsflash: It Has Finally Cooled off in California

  1. Ashley Pond

    So glad it’s cooling off for you! Here in New England I’msittinghere in a scarf waiting for my husband to fire up the woodstove today, so it does amuse me to hear of your “cool” 60-70 degree days. But hey, take what you can get! FYI, I saw that Thanksgiving book on your Instagram and picked up a copy, as I was looking for sweet holiday-themed books. It is a HUGE favorite around here now! I read it to my 3-1/2 year old and 18-month-old like, five times a day and they beg for more.

  2. STefanie

    Hi Cedar. Oh boy, I wanna come over and have soup at your table. I told my husband all I want is soup or jook. Love the pic of your girls playing together. It makes me smile to see mine playing wonderfully together which is sometimes in this house as they are usually snipin’ at one another.


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