My New Roots – A Cookbook Review

my new roots cookbook review

I haven’t been so excited about a cookbook in a long, long time. I am a huge fan of Sarah Britton’s blog, My New Roots. For those unfamiliar, she is a nutritionist who cooks up stunningly beautiful plant based meals, with charm, wit, and loads of information or nutrition, and her recipes are good to boot.

I waited anxiously for this book, with both excitement and the smallest bit of concern. Excitement because, I love Sarah’s blog and was excited to have her recipes on my counter, and concern because I was worried that like many other healthy plant based cookbooks I have been through, the recipes would be filled with hard to find ingredients or entirely too time consuming of processes for a mama of two small children.

When the book arrived I was happy to find that not only were the recipes incredible sounding and creative, but the majority of them are, dare I say, doable. I was so excited I made up two recipes the first day (the lentil salad and the blueberry coconut chia pudding). Today I made up the recipe featured on the cover of the cookbook, spicy cabbage wraps with  couscous, za’atar, and spicy tahini sauce. I had no pea shoots (I need to get back to my micro greens gardening!), so I left them out, but these were amazing. It came together quickly, the flavors where complex, yet it wasn’t in the least bit fussy. Fussy just doesn’t work for me these days.

This book, while it has only been in my possession for a few days is already a classic. I started bookmarking the recipes I wanted to try, but gave up because I realized there were more recipes marked than were left unmarked. If you are interested in incorporating more plant based meals into your life I highly recommend you pick up a copy.


my new roots cookbook review

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

One thought on “My New Roots – A Cookbook Review

  1. Kepanie

    Your enthusiasm oozes through this post. I can understand your happiness at seeing recipes that use accessible ingredients. I know I personally get intimidated when I see an unknown ingredient. I will have to try chia pudding. I put chia seeds in my green smoothies. It trips me out how when wet, they get sticky and have this film. I always think of when Harry Potter ate that gillyweed and developed fish like characteristics so he could swim underwater.


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