Moving and Shaking


It’s been a while. No apologies on my end (I mentioned hating when bloggers post apologies for taking time off in a previous blog post), life tends to get in the way of the extra curricular activities when you have small children.

So much has happened in the four months since I last posted (some of which you may know if you follow me on Instagram). We have spent the better part of this year, or at least the few moments of spare time, getting our home ready to sell. It has been an exhausting, draining, and very humbling experience. It’s really remarkable how as soon as you get around to fixing one thing, two others break in it’s place. It’s also puzzling why we had so much to fix and didn’t do it while we were here and able to enjoy the luxury of unbroken home finishings or appliances.

We had hoped to get our house on the market in the spring and move early summer. Here we are now in mid to late August–and still have much to do. I really didn’t want another year in this heat. This week got up to 104. If you have read my blog for any length of time you are sure to have heard my wining over the heat and how much I despise it. Every year, when late summer rolls around, my soul seems to shrivel, I become incapable of more than getting up to turn on the AC, my heart turns grey, and life feels like a blur. Possibly an exaggeration, but not entirely far from the truth. This year has been different though. I was hoping to be gone before it hit and basking in the beautiful (and very mild by comparison) Pacific Northwest summers right now, but I don’t feel nearly as depressed about this weather as I have the past 18 years. This WILL be our last summer here. I am finding a joy in it that I wasn’t able to find when I saw no end in sight. We have swam in the pool more times in the past month than I think Lucy has in her entire life, we have made more popsicles, had more messy days where the kids come in the house dripping of hose water, many days we forget to brush our hair, and the laundry is always piled pretty high. It has been a nice summer. Maybe now, on the eve of us leaving, I am finally beginning to see the beauty in this place that has been my home for the entirety of my adult years. How ironic.

As we prepare to start our first year of homeschooling next Monday, I am in awe of how other parents do it all, or even pretend to do it all–because I can’t fake that in real life or even through the beautiful filters of Instagram. Most days it feels and looks like chaos all day. I am not poetic enough to make these messy life things look beautiful.

We have found a curriculum that we love and are so excited to dive into with Lucy. How I am going to juggle a destructive (almost) two year old, stick with the our schedule, make breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and maintain some order of cleanliness in our home, is beyond me at this point–but I look forward to the challenge. The older I get the more I start to realize what matters and that other stuff really just is stuff.

So, on to new adventures and big changes. Life is looking up.

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  1. stefanie

    OMGosh, good to hear from you. Following you on IG now also. Sweltering heat is hard to function in especially with two, active young ones. The husband and I visited the Pacific Northwest and it is beautiful up there. I wouldn’t mind living there either but my husband’s job is all about Silicon Valley.


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