June Turns 1


Yesterday we celebrated one year with this little one. How a year has passed since her birth is beyond me. Looking back, I don’t think I got nearly enough time to enjoy and savor those early baby days. It went by in a flash.

Our sweet June Bug. She cracks us up all day long. She is all smiles and she thinks it is hilarious to make us laugh–so she does it often. She is a determined and focused little girl, often getting lost in her play until she sees me spying on her from the other room. She eats well, sleeps well, and loves hugs. To be completely honest, I think she is possibly the world’s most perfect baby, but I may be a bit biased. One thing is for sure, she really adds a lot to our family and we are forever thankful to have her.

We had a very simple party, only inviting a few family members over for cake and ice cream. Lucy and I spent the few days before trying out a cake recipe (thank goodness we did, the first try was a total flop!) and making decorations for her party. Lucy drew her a card and decorated the wrapping paper for the book that she chose out for June. The pre party preparations were just as exciting as the party itself!

We made a simple spice cake which we served alongside pumpkin ice cream and warm spiced apple cider. Lucy decided she wanted to play hostess for the night, picking out the music (Fleetwood Mac as always), though she changed her mind when our guests arrived and she felt a little shy offering beverages. She wasn’t so shy when it came to presents, ripping into June’s without abandon. I had to remind her multiple times that this was June’s birthday and they were June’s presents. She didn’t seem to mind, nor did June.

It was a wonderful party, even for this overly emotional mama. Slow down little one, slow down!






4 thoughts on “June Turns 1

  1. Stefanie

    Cedar, I love everything about this post. I can’t believe a year has already passed. I love how her older sister helped make everything. Happy birthday, sweet June.


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