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heidi swansons sprout salad near and far

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rasam and naan bread

I just got finished watching the Michael Pollan documentary series, Cooked (available on Netflix), and like all his works, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The four part series focused on the different elements (fire, water, air, and earth), and the role these elements play in our food cycle. While the majority of it was not new information to me, it was still a fun watch, and totally inspiring.

I love nothing more than spending a good chunk of time in the kitchen, though it isn’t always possible with two little ones, careful preparation and thought have really helped me to get better about cooking us a nutritious and tasty meal.

  1. The most delicious sprout salad from Heidi Swanson’s amazing book, Near and Far. Recipe also available on her website. Even my vegetable hater loved this dish.
  2. I recently got my hands on Alice Water’s latest book, My Pantry. It is a short, but very sweet little book, with great ideas and inspiration. Within its pages are recipes for making more of our usually store bought items from scratch, as well as a few more unusual ideas to add a little jazz to the most ordinary of meals. I have already started a few kitchen projects,  but the one I am most excited about is the apple peel cider vinegar I am fermenting. (I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review)
  3. Kimchi, and other ferments happening.
  4. Rasam, also from Near and Far alongside some fresh baked naan bread. So tasty, but a bit too spicy for the kids to enjoy.

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  1. Stefani

    I like the soft vision the sprout salad is to the eye and how it looks crunchy. I grew up on sandwiches as a kid and my dad would always buy sprouts from the store to put in them. I’ve been craving them a bit now for avocado toast or something or with lox. I’ve been making a lot more veggies in this house after the first, stressful week of Chinese New Year. We are enjoying more vegetables soups mainly. I love the feel of comfort each provides.


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