Huckleberry Pie


A month or two before our trip to Washington, I bought an Audubon field guide to the Pacific North West. Lucy and I sat and flipped through it for many days, we compared and contrasted some of the plants and animals to those in our California book. She asked me for stories about growing up in Washington and what it was like. I told her all about the flora and fauna that I was familiar with.

The one story that stuck with her was one about making huckleberry pie. In the woods behind our house we had a very well producing huckleberry bush. I told her about the year that my brother and sister and I gathered enough berries for our visiting grandmother to make us a huckleberry pie. What I failed to tell her was that it took us many, many hours to gather those tiny sour berries. Needless to say, that story stuck in her head.

Before we left for vacation I asked Lucy what she was most looking forward to on our Washington trip, and she told me multiple times; “picking huckleberries”. Naturally, I was afraid that this might be too tall an order to fill. I repeatedly told her that there was a good chance that we wouldn’t find a huckleberry bush. She insisted though, we absolutely had to pick huckleberries while we were in Washington.

On our first day, and almost every day to follow, we walked down the beach and back up through the forest to get back to our cabin. About two minutes into our first walk through the forest I spotted her, the very meager, but very present huckleberry bush. With only enough berries for one or two each, we were all ecstatic to be able to check this off our to-do list.



tolmie state park

wild blackberries

tolmie state park

tolmie state park

tolmie state park



sand dollars

2 thoughts on “Huckleberry Pie

  1. Kepanie

    I bet Miss Lucy was delighted. Huckleberries lookl like blackberries? The only time I’ve tasted them was in the huckleberry honey my brother and SIL picked at up at Burney. And dang, I am astounded at the pics of your husband carrying your first born. That is one sturdy, cloth carrier.

    1. misscedar Post author

      Those are blackberries you are looking at. The first picture, with the tiny round red berries are the huckleberries….and yes, we love our carrier! Our big one still likes to be worn in it from time to time!


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