Halloween Costumes and Balloon Pants





Parenting two has been a wild ride–and I am only eleven days in! Most of our day goes smoothly, but around late afternoon mama starts to loose steam, the house is covered in toys and dog hair, dinner is too far off, and I pray that for some reason dad will get off work early and come to my rescue.

We are doing good though, it has been so enjoyable getting to know this new little person who has entered our lives. She is so different than her big sister. She sleeps well and is easily settled. She looks so different than Lucy looked–she looks like me! Lucy loves her, and as I type this Lucy is shushing the dog from barking and telling her “Rosie, my baby is sleeping”. I love how much she loves her. There is no shortage of kisses being planted on this little girl.

I hope all had a happy Halloween. We went to a party early in the week and decided not to celebrate today (mama is too tired for that!!). I never did finish Lucy’s pink fairy costume (baby came before I got to start the skirt or flower crown), so we threw a tutu on top of the bodice and got her some wings and a wand–she didn’t even notice the difference!

I did finish knitting the balloon pants above–just a few days before June arrived. They were a really fun project and I plan on doing another pair after I finish up the sweater I am working on for Lucy.

Have a happy weekend!

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