Getting Through the Days

apple peeler

knitted baby bonnet

pulled pork sandwich and kale slaw


making bracelets

Six days until due date, and it is currently all that occupies my mind. We welcomed some happy distractions last week with the visit of my sister from New Mexico. We spent our time together in the kitchen making pies. I saw how she made her the first day, and she saw me make pie my way the second day. I do love to see how other people cook and their process in making some of my favorite things–like pie!

After a summer long hiatus I have picked up the knitting needles again. I quickly knitted up this sweet newborn baby bonnet (more info on my ravelry page, here), and it was promptly taken by a certain three year old for her baby doll. It was a very fast an enjoyable knit though, so I don’t mind making it again.

The weather is finally cooling here, and we can finally sleep with the windows open. It is such a nice feeling (especially this far along in pregnancy!), though I am not sure I will ever get used to just how subtle the change in seasons are in this part of the country.

One thought on “Getting Through the Days

  1. Kepanie

    Oh I wish I had been there for pie making. I find that intimidating. Cute hat. Purl Bee has a sweet garter stitch one, free too. Den Hickman of A World of Imagination made a few. I need to who out at least one for my December niece or nephew to be.


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