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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

A week or so before Christmas, as I was working on some time sensitive projects this old computer of mine shut down and refused to power back up for me. While initially frustrated, I took it as a blessing and decided to focus entirely on our family and the holidays–distraction free! It does feel good to be back.

The Sunday before Christmas a cough started sneaking into our house. It was five days before Christmas though, no big deal, we had plenty of time to heal before the big day.  I was sadly mistaken. Never have we had such a long lasting illness. Christmas eve was filled with the pukies and Christmas day was spent in urgent care. Russ took Lucy in where she was diagnosed with pneumonia. We decided to try to make the most of it, and do everything that we could to make the day special. It was special. June, took off her diaper, as she does so frequently these days, pooped on the floor, picked it up, and carried it in the kitchen to show us. She was also  munching on something, but I am going with the idea that she found some floor bread right before she picked up her own feces to share with us. We streamed Netflix the entire day and order a pizza. It was truly a Christmas to remember.

June’s hat is called Silkefin. I knitted it up for June while I was pregnant. It was a slow project, but I am so pleased with how it turned out. Maybe because with the fingering weight yarn it really took some time, compared to the worsting weight that I usually work with, but this is the first piece I have made that truly feels like it could be an heirloom someday.

silkefin knitted baby cap

stringing cranberries

christmas tree

homade pasta

silkefin knitted baby bonnet

birthday cake



The Latte Baby Coat in Taos

latte baby coat knitting pattern

Well, this isn’t San Diego, is it? Last week the girls and I made our way out to Taos, New Mexico to visit my mom and sister. Two nights prior to our arrival they had a pretty nice snowfall–eight inches! While we have had to do a bit of shopping out here to get them properly attired for the snow, I did knit up this sweet little hooded jacket for June just before we left. The coat is called the Latte Baby Coat, and I am pretty sure it is my favorite thing I have knitted yet. I gave it a nice soak in lanolin right before we left for our vacation and it has kept my sweet girl perfectly warm and dry (with a few layers underneath of course).

We are out here celebrating a slow and small Thanksgiving. My sister is in the hospital, and tomorrow after we eat, we are going to drive out to give her our love. However you are spending your day, I hope it is filled with love, laughter, and lots of thanks. There is so much good.


knitted hat and beret

latte baby coat knitted pattern

snowy feet


latte baby coat knitting pattern

This and That (and a Little More)

breakfast enchiladas









I find that the longer I go without blogging, the harder it is. A week and a few days feels too long to me–I start to feel uninspired to post. The days start to roll together and the things I think about writing become more trivial. They probably are trivial in the grand scheme of things, but seeing as I enjoy blogging, I would like to remain somewhat consistent about posting here–even with a new babe, less time, and pretty average days at best.

Three weeks old on Monday. How quickly the time does fly. The adjustment to this addition to our family has been much easier and much quicker than the first time around. I don’t know if she is an easy baby or just an easier one than the first, but her seemingly calm presence really is the perfect addition to our household (and probably why this second transition feels so much easier than the first time!).

We are so fortunate to belong to a really fantastic mama group. The past two weeks we have been showered in the most incredible home cooked meals from the other mamas in the group. I do enjoy cooking (most of the time), so while I am itching to get back in the kitchen, it has been nice to focus the extra time that it would have taken to make dinner on my sweet girls and our family.

1. Leftover enchiladas with an egg for breakfast, ahhhmazing–try it!

2. More kisses.

3. A little bit of knitting and looking up bread recipes (still haven’t found time for that one though!)

4. First pomegranate of the season.

5. Getting the hang of the wrap, when Lucy was this age we used the sling exclusively, but I am enjoying learning a new way of babywearing. Also, a hat I knitted up in the hospital while I was in labor (and finished the day after she was born. Info on the baby bonnet, here.

6-9. Picnics. My favorite way to spend the weekend!

Halloween Costumes and Balloon Pants





Parenting two has been a wild ride–and I am only eleven days in! Most of our day goes smoothly, but around late afternoon mama starts to loose steam, the house is covered in toys and dog hair, dinner is too far off, and I pray that for some reason dad will get off work early and come to my rescue.

We are doing good though, it has been so enjoyable getting to know this new little person who has entered our lives. She is so different than her big sister. She sleeps well and is easily settled. She looks so different than Lucy looked–she looks like me! Lucy loves her, and as I type this Lucy is shushing the dog from barking and telling her “Rosie, my baby is sleeping”. I love how much she loves her. There is no shortage of kisses being planted on this little girl.

I hope all had a happy Halloween. We went to a party early in the week and decided not to celebrate today (mama is too tired for that!!). I never did finish Lucy’s pink fairy costume (baby came before I got to start the skirt or flower crown), so we threw a tutu on top of the bodice and got her some wings and a wand–she didn’t even notice the difference!

I did finish knitting the balloon pants above–just a few days before June arrived. They were a really fun project and I plan on doing another pair after I finish up the sweater I am working on for Lucy.

Have a happy weekend!

Getting Through the Days

apple peeler

knitted baby bonnet

pulled pork sandwich and kale slaw


making bracelets

Six days until due date, and it is currently all that occupies my mind. We welcomed some happy distractions last week with the visit of my sister from New Mexico. We spent our time together in the kitchen making pies. I saw how she made her the first day, and she saw me make pie my way the second day. I do love to see how other people cook and their process in making some of my favorite things–like pie!

After a summer long hiatus I have picked up the knitting needles again. I quickly knitted up this sweet newborn baby bonnet (more info on my ravelry page, here), and it was promptly taken by a certain three year old for her baby doll. It was a very fast an enjoyable knit though, so I don’t mind making it again.

The weather is finally cooling here, and we can finally sleep with the windows open. It is such a nice feeling (especially this far along in pregnancy!), though I am not sure I will ever get used to just how subtle the change in seasons are in this part of the country.