A Morning Out


Last weekend we went for an early morning picnic with some friends in one of our favorite spots. It was quiet and relaxing. The kids played for hours and us mamas got to wander around slowly behind and chat.

I have made it no secret that I don’t really love where I live. I grew up in a beautiful spot in the country surrounded by the crystal waters of the Puget Sound. Everywhere we looked, nature was there. State parks everywhere. Hikes. Boats. Swimming holes. Rope swings. Cabins. Old farmhouses. Beautiful, gorgeous, amazing pine trees. And oh, the smell!

While there are some spots here and there filled with the beauty and serenity I seek, I have always felt that for the most part, fun costs money here. I have been desperately itching to return to the area that I spent entirety of my childhood, to breath that fresh air and see those gorgeous green tree covered mountains. It has been 18 years since I left and 17 years since I visited–and this summer I am going back!
One day I hope to move back up there, but for now we are planning a week long vacation, right on the water, just a few lots down from a 100 acre state park. It sounds like pure heaven, and I will surely be daydreaming about it until the time arrives to hop the plane.




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  1. Kepanie

    This looks like a great place to climb around. It reminds me of the Natural History Museum what my daughters had fun climbing and hopping rocks. There really is no place like home.


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