A Fairy For Halloween and the Halloween Fairy

aebelskivers in pan

I have had these photos sitting in my draft folder for a week now, trying to think of some profound thoughts about our simple Halloween, sharing bits of wisdom I have acquired or recent lessons I have learned. I love posts like that, ones that share a bit about life and also give you a little something to think about.

Unfortunately, having two kids, being a morning person by nature, and attempting to blog after my kids go to sleep often leaves this tired mama a bit brain dead after the photos are uploaded and resized. I keep wanting to get more active here, but at the end of the day my brain feels fried. The eloquence I wish I had becomes impossible to fake and all I can tell you about are the simple facts. We did this and ate that. It was fun. The end.

So. This was Halloween.

Lucy was a forest fairy.

We made aebelskivers for breakfast (first time in a newly thrifted pan), delicious.

Lucy trick or treated for the first year ever. We made up a story about the Halloween fairy and she left every bit of her candy out in exchange for a gift.

It was fun. The end.

forest fairy costume

halloween fairy gifts

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One thought on “A Fairy For Halloween and the Halloween Fairy

  1. Stefanie

    What a wonderful costume. She looks as if she stepped right of the fae world. Glad she had a great Halloween. And I feel like you sometimes, wanting to be clever or profound in a post, but yes, most of the time I am beat from having things to take care of or from a bad night’s sleep. Just be you and keep on keepin’ it real.


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