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Picknicking in Early Spring


I post pictures pretty regular from our visits to summer’s past farm. It is one of our favorite spots in San Diego, beautiful gardens, grass that stretches on and on to play (or lounge) on, and it is a very quick drive from our house, which is an obvious plus. We like to picnic here once a week or so.

One of the things I miss most about living in the country is the ability to walk out your front door and see all this. Living in the city just doesn’t provide the serenity I am after. We spend the majority of our days outside the home, searching for little pockets of nature wherever we can find them. I am a nature girl at heart and I really hope to pass that on to my kids, whether or not we ever get out of the city.








Picknicking in Julian

picnic in the mountains

These past few weeks have been a doozy. Very little sleep has been happening around here, which then leads to very grouchy days. I try my best to be chipper, but the amount of grump coming out of myself has been overwhelming. Last week when a dear friend suggested an all day mountain excursion all I could think was yes, yes, yes, YES. So we did it.

We spent a beautiful day in the mountain town of Julian. We picnicked. We wandered around town, popping into shops that caught our eye. We stopped for coffee. We wandered over to a small park for the kids to run around. We stopped for pie on our way back out of town. It was the most perfect of days, and one that really helped clear my mind.


moms pie shop julian california


A Sudden Downpour


A few weekends back we packed into the car and drove a little way out for a picnic in a beautiful and somewhat secluded park. We had a few hours of playtime amongst the trees looking for fairies, collecting pine cones, and climbing up rocks and trees. About an hour or so into our little outing Russ and I noticed a few sporadic raindrops coming down. The forecast hadn’t predicted rain, but there it was. In this very, very dry climate of Southern California, every little droplet that comes from the sky matters. We walked on with a few random and very welcome droplets on our faces, climbing up rocks, picking up magic wands (sticks), and singing the latest kid tunes from the Burl Ives children’s music Pandora radio station. It was all a lot of fun.

Then, about ten minutes after those few sporadic raindrops began, the drops started coming more frequently and much more heavily. Having followed a trail quite a ways from the main part of the park and any structure with a roof, we decided it was time to seek cover. So, I, carrying June who doesn’t much like baby wearing (much to my sadness), wrapped her up like a little burrito in the gorgeous wrap lent to me by a friend, Russ picked up Lucy who put the hood on her sweater over her head as we ran from tree to tree, practically hugging the trunks to avoid the increasingly heavy downpour. Finally we made it up to the main part of the park and found cover under the awning of the bathroom, though there wasn’t a lot of it. The rain continued to come down, even heavier than before. We made a quick decision to go a little further in the rain to seek cover under a large gazebo. We ran, holding the girls tight in our arms, and I laughing in glee over this situation. We made it to safety, where I handed the baby off to Russ and Lucy and I danced around merrily, singing the Sound of Music songs on the top of our lungs and pretending to ice skate. Lucy would daringly run out into the pouring rain then come back in laughing hysterically.

To say it was a good day would be an understatement. It was one of my favorite moments we have had as a family of four so far. It was unexpected, wet, messy, and more than anything made me think of being a child, when running out in the pouring rain was considered exciting and daring.

I want more days like these.




The Rose Top

citronille rose top

This little bug is turning four months next week. No surprise really, but I still can’t come to terms how fast she is growing, both in size and developmentally. Just this week she started rolling from side to side and two days later I caught her trying to scoot along. The next day she traveled a good foot or so before my very eyes. Slow down little lady, mama is not ready yet for another mobile babe.

Way back when I was pregnant and had just found out she was a she, I started this sweet little top (Citronille, Rose), along with another in the size down from this. I finished both tops a week or so after starting, but lazily put off adding the buttons and buttonholes until last weekend. I squeezed her into the smaller size and may try to once more for a picture, but the smaller one won’t be getting much wear (not that any baby clothes really does).

This little top though, I am so happy with how it turned out. I will dress her in it as much as possible for the next month or two, until her arms shoot out the sleeves and the buttons in back no longer button. It is somewhat of a silly thing to sew for such fast growing babies, but I am glad I did a little.

citronille rose blouse

citronille rose top

citronille rose blouse

Another Suzanne Dress and Some Bunnies


Today we went to the birthday party of one of Lucy’s closest friends. It was a very special bunny birthday, and all the kids got to spend some one on one time with a bunch of rabbits. What could possibly be better?

Last week I sewed up this little dress that Lucy is wearing, as well as a matching one for her friend Holly. It is a pattern I have sewn many times before (the pattern is Citronille, Suzanne, seen here and here and here), and there is so much comfort in making it, I think I only looked at the instructions once or twice while I was working on the dresses. Upon finishing, I used some scraps to sew up matching dresses for both girl’s dolls (using the Citronille Suzanne doll pattern here), I wish I had gotten a picture!

Lucy stamped the wrapping paper for Holly’s dress (and her doll Tazzy’s dress) using the end of some expired celery that had been sitting in our fridge. Thank you pinterest for another great idea!